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Ice Bar Dubai, a PLTH Project

A true collaboration project between Ploski & Lindberg, Thompson, and Hennings this strong corporate identity for ICE BAR DUBAI has been achieved by employing the following key design features which complement a Scandinavian design theme:

3-D Signage at Main Entrance and Interior
Illuminated Ice Bar
Illuminated Ice Feature Walls
Themed “Ice” Furniture and Banquette seating.
“Ice” Colour scheme and Finishes.
‘Ice” Graphics/Uniforms/Promotions.

The interior is further themed by use of a digital lighting and audiovisual system, different lighting/sound “moods” for the interior change intermittently the main theme being “Northern lights” Aurora Borealis. The interior has the capacity for a super chill effect on brief occasions to enhance the Ice theme.

The design suits a range of scale from approximately 250 square metres upwards to a fully themed bar/restaurant.


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